Kids Music that Grown Ups Love Too!

Music with Michal is an award winning Songwriter, Author and Performer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Best known for the popular ‘Kindness is Free’, ‘Seagull Song’ and ‘Brave’ – Michal’s music is sung in schools and early childhood centres all over New Zealand, and streamed in homes and radio stations all over the world!

Michal Bush, a mother of three young girls, has been writing music for children since her eldest daughter was born in 2012. Her songs are a perfect blend of silly and meaningful, fun and heartfelt and are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of children and grown ups alike. 

Recently Michal was nominated for Children’s Artist of the Year, and her song ‘Brave’ won ‘Best Children’s Song’ at the 2021 New Zealand Children’s Music Awards. 

Michal has released two albums over the past two years which are streamed around the world! Can You Make Music? in 2021 and Summer Days in 2022. She has also released a series of videos helping children name, express and explore their emotions. Four of her songs have also become beloved children’s books featuring captivating illustrations by local artist Andy Knopp.

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