“When you are a you, just as you are, you’re courageous”

‘Can You Make Music?’ – my debut solo album, is a hopeful celebration of how beautiful the world can be! Created to bring joy and connection to families during a time filled with uncertainty and stress, ‘Can You Make Music’? invites both children and the adults listening with them to pause, breathe and sing!

To say I am thrilled to be sending you my album for your consideration is an enormous understatement.

Recorded across two home studios (mine and my producers – The Response) during the pandemic with the help of Creative New Zealand – the songs of the album are a glorious mix of fun, meaningful, silly and heartfelt.

I love the way children see the world and think as adults we can learn a lot from them – you could say children are my primary collaborators in songwriting – their ideas, our conversations, their innocence and joy – are where all my songs find their beginning.

The single ‘Brave’ won Best Children’s Song in the New Zealand Music awards this year – a song that celebrates being yourself, being vulnerable and sharing yourself with those around you – a new way to understand bravery and courage.

If you have a moment, I would absolutely love for you to give my album a spin! 

Love and Kindness,


I can feel the music!
Feel it in my body!
I can feel the rhythm of the world!

‘Can You Make Music?’ is a joyful invitation for families everywhere to sing along – and a reminder that our bodies are all we need to join the band!
Featured in this video is ‘Moe’ – a friendly character known well from ‘Moe Explores’ – a popular NZ children’ TV Show. Made with thanks to NZ on Air.

‘Kindness is Free’ was written as a response to the tragic and terrible mosque shooting that happened in my home town in 2019. Feeling helpless, heartbroken and horrified – I released this song as a message of love, a song to sing with the next generation inspiring a kindness and compassion towards others, no matter our differences.
It’s a song that continues to be proven both timely and necessary, over and over again.
Once again I’m joined here by Moe and Friends! Who make the song even more wonderful with this special version featuring a rap that was released on Moe’s Radio New Zealand Podcast!

Winner of ‘Best Children’s Song’ in the 2021 New Zealand Music Awards – Brave is a song very close to my heart. 
Written by request of a young fan to write a song about ‘Bravery’ – this song captures what I think it means to be truly brave – giving things a go, being open with our feelings, and sharing our true selves with those around us. 
It’s hard not to choke up when singing this song to children – and I’ve been told by many people it’s one that is hard to listen to without shedding a tear. Give it a spin and see if it touches your heart too.


Written by Michal Bush
Additional songwriters- Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp and Siu Williams-Lemi
Produced by Andrew and Victoria Knopp (The Response)
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew and Victoria Knopp
Vocals by Michal Bush
Additional vocals by Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp, Lucy Hiku, Jenny Payne, Siu Williams-Lemi, Leah Williams-Partington, Matt Bush, Harper Bush, Sadie Bush, Clementine Bush
Musicians- Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp, Matthew Bush, Michal Bush
Featured Artists- Loopy Tunes Preschool Music, Itty Bitty Beats
Photography by Anna Frances Pearson
Design by Andrew Knopp
Recorded across two studios – Bush and Knopp – in Christchurch, NZ

Music with Michal is the creation of award winning New Zealand songwriter and performer – Michal Amy Bush.

Michal has been working in the children’s genre since her first daughter was born in 2012 – first as duo ‘Petite Music Box’ before going solo in 2019. 

Her song ‘Brave’ won Best Children’s Song at the 2021 Children’s Music Awards, and ‘Kindness is Free’ featured on award winning RNZ podcast ‘Moe Makes Music’ and was also placed as runner up in the 2020 Funky Kids Global Music Awards. Best known for ‘Kindness is Free’, ‘Seagull Song’ ‘Brave’ and her new series on emotions – Michal’s songs are sung in schools around New Zealand, played on radio stations globally and have even been made into three fantastic books.

Her 2020 debut album ‘Can You Make Music?’ had her nominated for Best New Zealand Children’s Artist in 2021 and has put her on the map as an exciting artist to watch, both in Aotearoa and overseas. Michal is a dynamic and engaging performer – her regular shows around Christchurch are a favourite for many families and often sell out fast!