These Summer days will last the winter through
These Summer days I fall in love with you 



Kia ora from New Zealand!

Would you do something for me?
Close your eyes and picture a perfect childhood summer day. A day full of friends at your side, the sun on your back, the smell of sunscreen and freshly cut grass, and the freedom of endless possibilities before you. 

I hope you had a day like this you can recall.
I hope when you think of it you feel pure love, joy and nostalgia. 

This is the feeling I was chasing for my album Summer Days. 

It’s title track speaks of how those simple moments in life, and the people we love – can see us through the harder “winter” days. 

I wrote this particular track when I was struggling through post-natal depression after the birth of my youngest daughter Clementine – my attempt to bottle up the light I could see in her that I trusted would be enough to see me through a dark time.
The result is a beautiful love song that inspired the overall message and look of this album four years later.

A reminder that beautiful things can come from difficult times.

In fact, this year SUMMER DAYS lead to me winning ‘Best Children’s Artist’ at the NZ Music Awards – with tracks ‘Family’ and ‘Good Night’ placed as finalists for Best Song and ‘Good Night’ a finalist for Best Video. 

Pirates, fireworks, dancing and family – this album celebrates the fun and freedom childhood holds on it’s best days, with songs inspired by children’s incredible ability to make the smallest moment magical- whether it’s playing hide and seek, dancing with wild abandon, chatting with the neighbour over the fence or giggling at the moon being out in the daytime.

It’s also an invitation for us grown ups to remember joy in the simple things.

Supported by NZ on Air and produced by the insanely talented Victoria and Andrew Knopp (The Response) – the album features fellow New Zealand children’s artists Loopy Tunes Preschool Music and Levity Beet, as well as Australian group Tiptoe Giants. 

A family affair, listen out also for the sweet voices of my daughters Harper, Sadie and Clementine – who also diligently serve as a listening panel from the backseat of the car on many, many occasions. 

Thank you for taking time to listen to this album – it’s a piece of my heart and I hope if it does one thing – it makes you smile. 

Love and kindness, 

Michal xo

“This song ticks all the boxes. It has superb lyrics, a magnificent tune,
an ambitious arrangement, and fantastic production.”
Electric Kids Music review of Fireworks (Track #7)

Today I’ve done my very best, and now it’s time to go to bed.

Good Night is a heartfelt and calming song that helps children get ready for bed and drift off to sleep feeling good about themselves and at peace with the day.
Filled with calming and loving affirmations – this call and response song is the perfect way to end the day as a family.
Video by Dylan Jones at For Good Media

This is what it feels like to be free!

Dance With Me is a joyful celebration of how unique and awesome every child is! It reminds children though they may be little – their impact on changing the atmosphere in a room can be HUGE – and invites grown ups to join in the freedom of dancing with kids!

I’m ready to go and it feels good!

Starting the day on the right foot can be difficult in a busy home – something we as a family know all too well – this song sets up children to start the day well – checking of practical tasks as well as encouraging a positive mindset at the start of each day!
Made with For Good Media


Written by Michal Bush
Additional Songwriters – Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp and Vanessa Couper
Produced by Andrew and Victoria Knopp (The Response)
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew and Victoria Knopp
Lead Vocals by Michal Bush, Levity Beet, Harper Bush
Additional Vocals by Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp, Siu Williams-Lemi, Leah Williams-Partington, Matt Bush, Harper Bush, Sadie Bush, Clementine Bush, Vanessa Couper, Massey Williams-Lemi, Nylah Williams – Partingon
Musicians – Andrew Knopp, Victoria Knopp, Matthew Bush, Michal Bush, Michael Bell
Featured Artists – Loopy Tunes Preschool Music, Levity Beet and Tiptoe Giants
Photography by Charlie Rose Creative
Design by Andrew Knopp
Recorded across two studios – Bush and Knopp – in Christchurch, NZ

Recently crowned ‘Best Children’s Artist’ at the 2022 NZ Children’s Music Awards – Michal Bush (aka Music with Michal) is one of Aotearoa’s most prolific Children’s Artists.
Her song ‘Brave’ was awarded ‘Best Children’s Song’ in the 2021 New Zealand Children’s Music Awards, as well as placed second in the International Songwriting Competition in 2022.

Known for her catchy, beautiful and often meaningful (sometimes silly) songwriting- Michal’s popular catalogue includes three full length albums – Can You Make Music? (2020) Summer Days (2021) and Mindful Music Moments with Michal (2022) – as well as five children’s books, a fantastic series of songs and videos on emotions, and a number of well-loved singles. 

Michal is known for her vibrant and interactive performance style – both in live shows and in her online music club which streams regularly to her subscribers and public audience. With shows often selling out quickly – she has the ability to captivate both large audiences and more intimate theatre seasons – connecting with her young audience as well as being popular amongst parents, caregivers and educators.

With a contagious passion for the children’s genre and clear vision for creating music for wellbeing – Music with Michal is a force of kindness, joy and laughter that is winning over fans (and young hearts) all over the world.